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Luba Mason -"Krazy Love"| CD, Autographed CD

Luba Mason -"Krazy Love"| CD, Autographed CD

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On KRAZY LOVE, Luba executes a cool, Brazilian mood with an intimate acoustic sound. Enhanced by well-known Brazilian musician Renato Neto on piano & amp; keyboards also pianist for the legendary musician, Prince, Luba is joined by top-notch bassist Jimmy Haslip Yellowjackets, percussionist Cassio Duarte, Sandro Albert on guitar and Marco Costa on drums, with guest performances by the world renowned Hubert Laws as well as her husband , Latin great Ruben Blades. In addition to co-producing the album, Luba's blossoming writing talents are premiered in 8 original songs alongside two covers, creating a distinctive yet personal sound and style to this unique blend of melodies.ies.

1. Krazy Love
2. From Me to You
3. Lovely
4. A Summer Night
5. E Com Esse Que Eu Vou
6. Olhos Nos Olhos
7. This House
8. Gorgeous Fool
9. Meeting
10. Xmas in July